May 23, 2022

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Lancaster spouse and children will work to preserve horses – and other animals

LANCASTER — Lindsay Jordan saves horses, and numerous other animals, from selected demise.

Little Bear Stables is a tiny loved ones farm on 61 Moffett St., which doubles as a rescue and a vacationer attraction.

Just after moving there in April 2020, Jordan and her partner, Tony, restored the vegetable gardens and the orchard, enabling for Do it yourself natural apple and pumpkin buying by the community this fall. 

Small Bear Stables has seven horses, 22 chickens, eight ducks, five ducklings, four bunnies, two pot-bellied pigs and two toddler goats some have been rescued while other individuals have been born on the farm. Now, they are pets.

This is pretty a change for the lucky horses she saves, all of whom appear from “kill pens.” Jordan stated them as horses bought via livestock auctions by “kill buyers” to satisfy the active worldwide industry in horse meat, or to work them before sending them to slaughter when they’re old or wounded.