August 16, 2022

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Tex-Mex sesame seeds toasted

Tex-Mex sesame seeds toasted

We’re headed to Texas, so saddle up! This may sound a little cliché… but these Toasted are going to transport you straight to cattle country – or even south of the border. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Have your chili’s, tacos, and guacamole’s been lacking a little…excitement? We’re here to change that. We want to take your everyday boring dishes and turn them into something extraordinary with our Toasted Tex Mex Sesame Seeds. It’s hard to believe that these tiny little seeds are straight from Japan. They’re so good that we can’t stop eating them. The seeds are dusted with an intensely spiced sauce consisting of chili, cumin, garlic, and onion. Afterward, the seeds are toasted to crunchy perfection, then sauced (and toasted again). The process is repeated up to five times until the seeds have reached their peak flavor packed goodness.

You’re probably wondering why we put sesame seeds on tacos and guacamole? Even though it sounds bizarre, it works – and it works because the tex mex flavor in these crunchy seeds pairs perfectly with Latin-inspired cuisine. Imagine sprinkles on top of a sour cream topped bowl of chili. If you put these toasty morels in a chicken mole taco, you’d have a satisfying crunch. One of the best ways to use it would be as a topping for guacamole. Their light red tones would make a vibrant and bold statement against the green dip, and each bite would impart mouthwatering bursts of flavor.

Toasted Tex Mex Sesame Seeds don’t have to be used on Latin fare (although they are delicious on it). You can serve these with a simple roast chicken and potatoes with green beans. Roasted salmon or cod would also be good. Spiced seeds would give the dish a great burst of flavor and heat. Are you thirsty? Make a kicky margarita, Mexican lager, or bloody mary by rimming the glass with Tex Mex seeds. Regardless of how you use them, The Toasted Tex Mex Sesame Seeds are going to make a bold statement to your guests (or family) and make your dishes sing like never before – perhaps with an accompanying mariachi! Hola!

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