January 27, 2023

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Teenage Acne On The Back – Understanding The Causes Of Teenage Back Acne

Puberty is the stage of our lives where our body undergoes so much changes, muscle development, voice enhancement, and hormonal fluctuations. All these changes in our body are important for adulthood. Hormonal fluctuations however, can other effects on the body, particularly to the chemicals inside our body. This change usually manifests on our skin in the form of pimples. Teenage skin tends to be oilier than kid’s skin, and this oil, when mixed with bacteria-containing dirt and dust particles present on air, can clog the pores and cause irritations like swelling red spots that we know as pimples or even blackheads. Acne and acne outbreak is a very common complaint of all the teenagers all over the world, and this skin problem can go beyond the face as it can lead into teenage acne on back and neck.

The skin contains millions and millions of pores as it covers our whole body, making it the largest organ in human body. These pores help the body regulate its temperature by producing sweat to cool our body when we’re doing active activities such as sports. The pores that are located on our face can also secrete oil commonly known as sebum. This sebum keeps the skin, particularly the face moisturize. However, due to hormonal fluctuations brought by puberty, secretion of sebum becomes irregular, and follicles produce more sebum than usual. This will lead to an oilier and more greasy face. Too much oil is not good for our skin, as it can clog the pores, and when mixed with dirt, the sebum can be degraded by the bacteria inside the pores, causing irritations.

Pimple outbreaks on the face are as common as teenage acne on back. Though outbreaks are usually hard to contain, as hormonal changes are impossible to control, there are many things we can do to prevent things from getting worse. Pimple outbreaks don’t really mean that one is not observing balanced diet and proper hygiene, it just so happen that his or her hormones are fluctuating really fast. Balanced diet and good hygiene is very important though in keeping the problems from getting serious.

Teenage acne on the back can be really saddening, especially for girls as it can be really ugly. One of a girl’s most common concerns about this type of skin problem is that, they can’t wear bikinis and backless dresses.

The treatment for teenage acne on back is not so different from normal pimple outbreaks on the face. Treatment creams, cleansers and toners can help regulate the outbreaks on back, but only dermatologist’s can give you the best acne treatment you can have.

Eating food that is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and anti-oxidants can make a huge difference in keeping your skin healthy.