October 17, 2021

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Evansville Police Flock to Rescue Newborn Ducks from Storm Drain

Proving the motto, “To Secure and Serve” applies to all residing issues, and not just individuals, a pair of Evansville Law enforcement officers response the simply call to reunite a several toddler ducks with their mother soon after slipping into a storm drain on the Lloyd Expressway.

Friday afternoon, Emily Williams and her husband viewed as a mother duck tried to guide the ducklings throughout the highway near the Weinbach Avenue exit. Emily explained to me in a Fb message they turned absent for a moment and when they turned back again about to see if the little family experienced created it throughout securely, the infants had fallen into the drain. She 1st posted a plea for assistance on Facebook inquiring for assist rescuing the ducklings, then referred to as 911.

A couple of minutes later, two Evansville Police officers arrived on the scene to assess the problem. They had been joined soon thereafter by a representative from Animal Control, formulated a prepare, and commenced the attempted rescue.

Evansville Police and Animal Command Rescue Ducklings from Lloyd Expressway Storm Drain

With a storm drain too deep to only get to in and seize the wayward ducklings, two EPD officers and a consultant from Evansville Animal Control go “all in” to reunite the newborn ducks with their mom.

Kudos to these officers for their willingness to not only reply to what I picture was a special call over the radio for them, but for also accomplishing everything they could to make confident they reunited the toddlers with their mom. With so lots of stories these times picking to target on a handful of officers who step outside the house the lines, this story is a good reminder that 99.9% of officers who swear an oath to uphold the regulation and guard and serve the citizens in their towns and cities are superior folks who are willing to leap in and help any individual in people locations, together with the feathered ones.

[Source: Emily Williams via the Evansville Police Department on Facebook]

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