June 25, 2022

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Duck and run | TheFencePost.com

I have to tell ya, mild audience, I wanted to duck and run that cold early morning on Lake Merrideth when that feller yelled at me, “THOSE ARE MY DECOYS”!!. Positive ’nuff, I was about to unload that double barrel 12 gage on his decoys that I was specified had been genuine Mallards. I slinked back again into the willows and salt cedars and went to the home.

Right now, with all that is heading on in the world in Afghanistan, and right here on the residence entrance, 1 might just want to sit down and mirror on the significant factors that are near and dear to us. You may discover the situation wherever you do certainly want to duck and run. I get worried about the minor kinds in college and specially the types that are fearful and unsure as to what will happen to them if they do not wear their mask at the time.

I passed by the elementary college on my way property from espresso and the minor ones were out on the playground. There were individuals few that felt it important to have their mask on.

Dangedif you do and danged if you do not. Looks we just can’t get a straight reply or at the very least one particular we can feel is acceptable for our certain scenario. I assume the reality is, Nobody has more than enough facts that they can actually share as the Truth of the matter! Our state is on “unsteady legs,” suitable now substantially as a day previous colt or new child calf. We ponder if we need to duck and run, stand and fight, or wait and see. What do you think? I’ll have to imagine a minimal extra about it all. My issue is I continue to keep telling myself that I am just owning a undesirable desire, suitable? Positive, I’ll ultimately wake up and issues will be again to ordinary all over again.

I listen to the other day wherever they (never know for absolutely sure who they are) want to get started having small children as youthful as 4, 5 and 6 into a sexual intercourse training system. They will take little one measures and provide them to the stage wherever by 11 or 12 they really should be comfortable obtaining sex. WHAT?!!! Of study course, if that takes place mom and dad will have no true area in their lives as in the previous. It is an work to ruin the family members and there are other programs in spot as I compose to complete the very same point. It’s insane, it is unAmerican, it is scary and we experienced DAMN Effectively NOT Enable IT Happen! Duck and operate, really do not feel so, not this time, not this time.

I know we are all worried about our present condition in this nation. I see people in Afghanistan jerking down the Taliban flag and proudly waving their country’s flag. Some have been shot by the Taliban for carrying out so, but they did it just the identical. I see a lesson for People in america that perhaps we must uncover the courage these folks display.

Remain tuned, look at yer cinch on event, let’s obtain our way to the battlefield, and I’ll c. y’all there, all y’all.