October 28, 2021

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Black Lives Matter, NH agencies offer help to those facing eviction

As the nationwide freeze on evictions comes to an end this Saturday, July 31, New Hampshire’s five Community Action Partnership agencies, which oversee federal rental financial aid designated to the state, are still seeing requests for help.

The CEO of Community Action Partnership of Strafford County, Betsey Andrews Parker, said the Dover-based agency said there has been a “lull” in requests they’ve gotten, though they’re still receiving between 50 and 60 a week.

Many people who have never turned to social services in their lives are reaching out for help, confused at how to start seeking the help they need, she said. “We see a lot of people who are coming in who have never accessed any resources before, they’ve never needed to so this is their first go-around,” she said.

Betsey Andrews Parker, CEO of Community Action Partnership of Strafford County

The clock is ticking as the federal moratorium on evictions expires Saturday, and millions of Americans unable to pay rent become at risk of losing their homes. The moratorium began early last September and has been extended on four separate occasions.

President Joe Biden will not extend the moratorium further, the White House said Thursday, citing the Supreme Court’s likely unwillingness to extend it for a fifth time. Last month, a slim 5-4 vote from the nation’s highest court ruled that another month could be tacked onto the moratorium, which was extended again by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention late last month.