October 17, 2021

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Akron Kid’s Hospital staff members conserve ducklings from sewer grate

You could say Danielle Freeman is employed to saving young lives, but not ones with wings and webbed feet. 

Freeman, a pediatric nurse at Akron Children’s Healthcare facility, was on her way to work on Tuesday when she saw a “frantic” mother duck and a single duckling in the vicinity of a sewer grate soon after parking her auto in a Drinking water Road parking good deal. 

“I believed, ‘Oh my, gosh, please really do not notify me this is what occurred,’ and, sure adequate, I walk over and there’s eight or nine baby ducks way down in the sewer,” explained Freeman, who is effective in Akron Children’s Neurology Office. “I could not depart them.” 

The mom duck was quacking like ridiculous and pacing again and forth, she claimed.  

But when the mom duck would wander absent from the grate by the suppress towards other grates in the parking great deal, Freeman explained she could hear the ducklings going in the sewer pipes to follow their mother. 

The last remaining duckling on land was subsequent the mom to and from the grates. 

“I retained attempting to stop that duckling from slipping in and then it jumped in and I’m like, ‘Oh no!” Freeman recalled. 

A group of Akron Children's Hospital employees helped pull a group of ducklings out of a sewer grate.

As other workforce arrived, like a surgeon, different tips for the rescue have been talked over. The team referred to as the hospital’s Public Security Section, the Akron Hearth Department and Animal Manage.  

But Freeman anxious that if way too considerably time passed, the mother would abandon the toddlers and they would die.  

A group of Akron Children's Hospital employees helped nurse Danielle Freeman (front in pink) save some ducklings that had fallen into a sewer graet. From left, Akron Children's Hospital employees Nate Sole, Freeman, Dr. Scot Boulanger, Carrie Wagner, Amanda Hale and Heather Belacic.

The ducklings finished up near to a grate in the middle of the parking large amount. 

As other workforce pulled up the tar about the sewer grate and lifted it up, Freeman jumped in. 

The ducks have been all swimming in the water as Freeman was standing on two minor pipes attempting to grab them. 

“I grabbed six to seven of them, then I continue to read peeping. They had been even further within pipe. I waited a few of far more minutes and they last but not least arrived again out,” she claimed. 

Mama duck was standing just to the still left of the grate as the ducklings ended up fished out. 

Heather Belacic, scientific functions supervisor in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Medical procedures, stated viewing Danielle carry the very last of the child ducklings out of the sewer was a “magical moment” and the “best way to start off a working day.” 

Other employees who assisted in the rescue incorporated Dr. Scott Boulanger, Amanda Hale, Nate Sole and Carrie Wagner. 

Danielle Freeman, a pediatric nurse at Akron Children's Hospital, helped rescue ducklings on her way to work. She's shown in her dirty scrubs afterward.

The group ushered the mom and ducklings away from the grates and absent from the parking ton, which is just off the canal and guiding the Considine Experienced Building. 

“They have been wandering on the grass. I’m hoping the mother kinda understood where to consider them from there,” Freeman stated. 

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