August 16, 2022

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What Are Healthy Ways to Leave a Church?

What Are Healthy Ways to Leave a Church?

Pastors and Christians are both uncomfortable with the idea of It is true that every church has experienced this during the last two years through COVID, election crises, and racial crises. I have experienced one of the most painful things in my life. This is not unique to my church. The pastors in other churches in our area have all seen this ghosting move, where brothers and sisters back away, disengage—without communication or conversation. We don’t want to see that behavior in our church.

As We are committed to Christ and to one another as a church. This table where there is a bond and unity is the Lord’s Supper. Our baptism is a public sign of our initiation into the people of God as one – having one Lord, one faith, one baptism. There should be a different kind of approach for Christians leaving a church than for someone who no longer wants to shop or eat at a certain store.

Tips for a Happy Departure

In the first place, make sure that you are honest with what the issues are before you bring them up with a pastor or elder. Ask for prayer. Ask the Lord for guidance. It is important to seek counsel from people you know and who can speak into your life privately.

The second step is to speak to an elder or pastor. It may have been someone you feel offended by or in complete disagreement with, but they are your brothers and sisters. Reach out to them. Have a conversation with them. Come to an agreement.

Thirdly, take your time. The process should not be rushed. Do not be angry during the process. It should not be done to retaliate or attack. It should not be done in a slanderous manner. You have a right to be concerned if you’re unable to commit to this church for biblical or gospel reasons. Make sure the reasons are accurate. Make sure it’s done with love. Patience is needed too.

In Since we live in a consumeristic, individualistic society, we have not been catechized in this way, but we must view each other as brothers and sisters. Being honest with each other is important. It is important to disagree with each other. Sometimes we need guidance from the Lord as we journey into and leave a church.

If It shouldn’t matter if you came to a church through a process in which you met with elders, expressed your faith in Christ, and confirmed your belief in the gospel. Discussions and conversations should be the same. To be sure that there is a balance between coming and going, you should even agree to disagree at some point just as you entered in.

I Let’s pray that in our churches we can have those conversations rather than separate from each other, as the unbelievers do in a broken and fallen world.