August 16, 2022

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Fulfilling Dreams

Fulfilling Dreams

Dream big and never give up. To accomplish anything, you must believe in yourself, have a vision, work hard, be determined, and dedicate yourself. For those who believe, anything is possible. Over the past year, I’ve learned that dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Almost always, however, they find fulfillment in the same few steps…

1. Choose a dream to fulfill. Some of us have so many dreams swirling in our minds that we don’t know where to begin… while others can’t pinpoint a single one. Whatever the decision, whether it is to write a book, run a marathon, buy a home, or find true love, fulfilling any goal begins with the intentional identification of one single goal and the unwavering conviction to achieve it. Take your time. Make a choice. Once you have a goal, set out to achieve it.

2. You can achieve it. The fact that too many people refuse to believe in themselves prevents them from achieving their dreams. Dream fulfillment and enjoyment of life are impossible without optimism. Your first dream should be to gain natural self-confidence if you do not already have it. For those of you with self-confidence, I recommend “A Helpful Guide to How to Be More Confident.” Once you have self-confidence, begin to focus on your chosen goals.

3. Get help if you need it. There have been people before you. You should learn as much as you can from them. I read How to Run Your First Marathon and talked to my co-worker Carole almost every week before I decided to run a marathon. I talked to Jeramiah (technology), Martha (editing), and Jana (title/outline) before writing my ebook. All of them provided me with the information I needed and played an important role in helping me achieve my goals. You shouldn’t let pride stand in the way of your success.

5. Decide on a deadline. Our actions are compelled by deadlines, which force us to act. Choosing a realistic timeline and getting moving is therefore absolutely essential. Within the next 3 years, purchase a home. You need to fix your marriage within the next year. In the next six months, lose 20 pounds. In the next 30 days, you can start a blog. A red marker, a calendar, and a day are all you need. Circle it if you like.

6. Spread the word. By sharing my dreams with others, I have found limitless encouragement. As soon as people start cheering for me, the number automatically doubles. Within a short time, it will triple. Instead of just trying not to let myself down, I’m also trying not to let my friends down. Failing has just become more expensive.

7. Make sure you stay focused. Dreams require perseverance by their very nature. When you persevere through failures, you will achieve your dreams. In the event that someone gives up, they will have to go back to step 1. When you’ve come this far, why would you want to start over? Instead of letting failures destroy your dreams, use them to motivate you and refocus your efforts.On I realize all too well that life’s circumstances ebb and flow. Humbly, I recognize that my life’s positive circumstances have enabled me to achieve these dreams. A major illness, accident, or misstep could have derailed any of them listed above. Please allow me to encourage you if your current circumstances are preventing you from reaching your dreams. Don’t give up. Dreams can be redirected.